Residential Services

The Residential Services division offers a range of living choices that provide natural supports around the typically valued roles that people want and expect in their lives. Our primary goal is to provide a service that is flexible and individualized based on each person’s strengths or needs that is always adaptable to reflect changes in a person’s life. We achieve this goal with the help of a well-trained and professional staff as well as supportive family members and guardians. We are partners with them in reaching our Agency goals of ensuring safe, quality care, choices, and respect for the individual.

We believe that each person should be integrated into their community in a way that is meaningful for them while we assist them in facilitating relationships with family and friends. Individuals can be supported by our programs and continue to live at home with their families while taking advantage of other programs in the Agency designed to provide different opportunities in the community.

The Residential Services division of People Incorporated has been providing residential supports for over forty years and we continue to contribute to the highest quality of life for each of the individuals we serve.

Let our team of highly skilled professionals work with you and your family to find the best match possible based on your goals and dreams.

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Residential Services Programs

24-hour support choices include living in People Incorporated homes or apartments in a warm, caring environment. Located in desirable and aesthetically pleasing locations, we carefully choose our residential homes while preserving significant community ties for the people we serve. In 24 hour supported environments, we ensure staff are present whenever individuals are at home. Our staff work with individuals so they may meet their specific goals in areas such as increasing activities of daily living (ADL) skills, funds management, and personal growth through life experiences and relationship building.

People Incorporated also offers 24-hour in-home residential services to adults living with Acquired Brain Injury. Individuals who qualify under the ABI Waiver programs are transitioned to live outside of skilled nursing facilities and other long-stay hospital settings in state of the art homes designed and built to maximize accessibility and independence. Individuals can enjoy the comforts and atmosphere of a private home setting and support necessary to facilitate community integration and enriched quality of life.

Residential Services is committed to providing quality care to ABI survivors by providing 24-hour nursing support performed by Licensed Nurses and Certified Nurse’s Aides. All staff is provided with training specific to the unique needs of the individuals served.

This option is available for those requiring less than 24-hour supports. The number of hours per day is dependent on the specific needs and goals of the individual. Supports may be in the form of providing assistance with household budgeting, making and keeping medical appointments, and assisting the individual with meaningful integration into their local community.

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