Behavior Services

The Behavior Services Division at People Incorporated can provide a multitude of services related to behavior and the environment in which behavior occurs. Some of these services are currently provided, while others will be added as the division grows. These services include training in positive behavior supports, functional behavior assessments, and treatment plans to reduce the occurrence of problem behavior, academic assessments and treatment plans to support skill acquisition, and caregiver training to reduce the use of punishment procedures and increase positive interactions between caregiver and child.

The Behavior Services Division provides a wide variety of training and supports for a wide variety of populations.

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Adult Services
The Behavior Services Division uses Universal Positive Behavior Support within their practices. Universal Positive Behavior Support is a systematic, person-centered approach to understanding the reasons for behavior and applying evidence-based practices for prevention and intervention to achieve meaningful social outcomes, increase learning, and enhance the quality of life. The Behavior Services Division provides extensive training and monitoring of Positive Behavior Support practices. Individualized Targeted and Intensive Positive Behavior Support Plans are created for individuals for whom Universal Positive Behavior Supports were not effective at completely reducing severe problem behavior. These plans include: A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), observations, data collection, and continuous monitoring.

Child Services
In addition to the assessment and treatment of problem behavior, the Behavior Services Division can provide assessments of academic, life, and social skills for those children who qualify for services through Early Intervention. The results of those assessments would be used to develop and monitor programs to facilitate skills acquisition in needed areas.

The Power of Positive Parenting curriculum is an interactive training that teaches parents why children engage in problematic behavior and how to prevent and manage those behaviors without the use of punishment (e.g., spanking, scolding, etc.) through our parent training workshops. The Behavior Services Division also conducts various training in the basic and advanced principles of Behavior Analysis in order to increase appropriate behavior and decrease inappropriate behavior to allow individuals more success and independence in their environments.

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