Fostering Greater Independence Through Technology

Discover a world of possibilities with People Incorporated's groundbreaking Assistive Technology (AT) Program. This cutting-edge initiative is designed to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or autism, providing them with greater access to technology and the knowledge to use it. With a focus on increasing self-sufficiency, promoting technological equity, and enhancing abilities, the AT program is the key to unlocking untold potential and enabling people with disabilities to fully participate in all aspects of life. Join us in transforming lives and embracing the future with People Incorporated's Assistive Technology Program.

Looking to empower individuals with disabilities and help them fully engage in their daily lives? Enter assistive technology! From innovative equipment to software programs and product systems, these tools give people the ability to improve their functionality and maintain their independence. We believe in helping individuals of all ages access education, social settings, and employment opportunities, leading to greater personal satisfaction and a more fulfilling life. Come join us and unlock the potential of assistive technology!

Unlock the power of assistive technology with our comprehensive resource guide! From in-person product demonstrations to online training videos, we'll help you get the most out of your devices. Plus, our lending library allows you to test equipment before committing to a purchase and potentially avoiding the heartache of abandoned technology. Discover the possibilities of assistive technology today!

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