Healthy Families Staff Members Win Children’s Trust Awards

Picture of Carmen Garcia

Carmen Garcia

Picture of Ashley Carreiro

Ashley Carreiro

The Greater Fall River Healthy Families program is proud to announce that our very own Ashley Carreiro has received the Children’s Trust’s Drop the Mic Award (Supervisor) at the annual Celebration Day. This field-nominated award is for a Healthy Families staff person who demonstrates consistent initiative, creativity, resourcefulness, team work, and drive. This person uses a strengths-based approach to thoughtfully achieve statewide goals and provide support to participating families. The Greater Fall River Healthy Families staff describes Ashley as “the burst of sunshine you need in your day, as Ashley approaches situations and life with constant positivity. Ashley shines for the program, the staff, and the participants. The entire Greater Fall River Healthy Families team is most grateful for Ashley and the impact she makes daily in the lives of others.” Congratulations, Ashley!

Another award winner from our program was Carmen Garcia, who joined the Greater Fall River Healthy Families team in 2017 and was recognized for her work with families. In 2021, the Children’s Trust commended Carmen for her achievement in working with families. This year, Carmen exceeded her previous year’s accomplishment by being recognized as the state’s leading Family Support Worker, achieving the highest number of home visits completed among all 24 Healthy Families programs throughout Massachusetts. Congratulations, Carmen! Thank you for your hard work and commitment to families!

Danika Guadalupe Holley was nominated for the Drop the Mic Award (Home Visitors). Danika is the duck whose feet paddle a mile a minute in the water while the rest of her always appears contained and self-regulated. For the past several years, Danika has been group leader for the Greater Fall River Healthy Families program, accomplishing many tasks with the intention to best serve families and participants. Danika is the Senior Family Support Worker on the Fall River team and serves as a constant role model to her peers, a voice for her peers, and a strengths-based consistent support for families. We are appreciative and grateful for Danika!