Happy Retirement, Robin Jones!

After 25 years of service to the Agency, Robin Jones will retire this December. Robin began her employment with People Incorporated as a Service Coordinator in 1998, conducting home visits and working directly with children and their families. Robin’s role in the Agency continued to evolve in the following years. “I stayed because of the opportunities,” Robin said. “I got promoted by doing my job and taking advantage of the opportunities that People Incorporated made available to me.” In 2008, Robin was named Early Intervention Program Director, a title she has retained for 15 years.

Early Intervention has serviced 450 – 500 children per year in the 25 years that Robin has been with the Agency. Reminiscing on the generations of families whom she has helped and seeing Early Intervention children become adults, parents, and members of the community, Robin said, “My heart and soul is in this work. We can make a difference. We can improve the life of a child and lift up families. I couldn’t feel more blessed. I care about these families, and I care about this Agency’s reputation. It’s been a good ride.”