Career Path - Nurse Technician

Now Hiring Nurse Technicians!



stethescope and a heartNurse Technicians are a valued part of our Residential team, providing premier services to the individuals we serve and gaining valuable experience working under the direct supervision of experienced RNs and LPNS. This position is intended for nursing program students who have successfully completed Foundations or Fundamentals of Nursing and would like to earn experience working in a nursing setting, while actively attending an RN or LPN program. It is an excellent opportunity for students to get hands-on learning outside of the classroom and develop skills that will help jump-start their careers.

As an employee of People Incorporated, our Agency is committed to your success, and we believe strongly in supporting our workforce. In addition to learning directly from experienced RNs and LPNs, Nurse Technicians are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities we provide for professional development and advancement. We offer coaching and certificate programs to provide guidance in professional development, a continuing education initiative including educational assistance and tuition remission, and job-specific training. We also provide specific training courses to ensure our employees gain valuable certifications, such as Non-Violent Management of Aggressive Behaviors (NVMAB), Medical Administration Program (MAP), and more. In addition, our Human Resources Professional Development team is proud to offer employees guidance in the following topics:

    • Resume building
    • Defining goals
    • Education guidance
    • Certification information
    • Resume critiquing
    • Interview development skills
    • Training resources
    • Professional analysis
    • Mock interviewing/interview preparation