Career Path - Day Habilitation

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The graphic above provides information on a possible career track within Day Habilitation, and how you can make the most out of your career at People Incorporated!

Each progressive step requires specific certifications, education, and experience. However, at each stage of the ladder, we encourage our employees to take advantage of the multiple educational or training resources we offer to help them obtain the necessary certifications required to reach the next level.


How to Reach Your Career Goals at People Incorporated

a man playing the guitarOur Agency encourages the hard work of our employees and supports their growth while also providing clear paths for professional development and multiple opportunities for advancement.  Employees are not on their career path alone!  We offer coaching and certificate programs to provide guidance in professional development, a continuing education initiative including educational assistance and tuition remission, and job-specific training. We also provide specific training courses to ensure our employees gain valuable certifications, such as Non-Violent Management of Aggressive Behaviors (NVMAB), Medical Administration Program (MAP), and more. In addition, our Human Resources Professional Development team is proud to offer employees guidance in the following topics:

    • Resume building
    • Defining goals
    • Education guidance
    • Certification information
    • Resume critiquing
    • Interview development skills
    • Training resources
    • Professional analysis
    • Mock interviewing/interview preparation