Assistive technology is now even more accessible at People Incorporated!

(June 16, 2023) People Incorporated is excited to announce an initiative that will make the Agency’s services even more accessible to people with disabilities. With a funding award from the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, People Incorporated is now able to provide an increased amount of Assistive Technology for the individuals in its programs and the staff members who support them. The goal with these tools is to support and promote independence while providing more efficient service delivery. In turn, the Agency will create a tech-first culture with increased technological use and awareness.

Designated People Incorporated employees will receive online training in Assistive Technology, and they in turn will provide instruction and access to technology for individuals in this field. The staff will ensure the individuals have personalized task management applications and achievable goals.

Another hallmark feature of the program is a lending library through which devices are made available not only to order, but also to review, sample, and ensure they meet the individuals’ needs prior to accessing them. Employees are trained to work with individuals in navigating this resource. The lending center will also provide the opportunity to trial different types of Assistive Technology to evaluate how individuals can be successful with various devices.

People Incorporated is proud to take this significant step forward in making functional independence and improved quality of life even more accessible for the individuals in our programs. Staying on the cutting edge of technology is important to the Agency’s service delivery now and into the future.

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